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Smarter Process. Higher Recovery.
What Can We Do For You?
Negotium collects your lost revenues .. It's as simple as that
Negotium was built on the foundation of a 25-year-old company. Under new ownership and management, Negotium is building itself into the best collections solution in the United States. Servicing many industries, Negotium combines decades of collections experience with the highest levels of compliance to create a safe, effective, and proficient solution for all of your recovery needs. Negotium is proudly integrated with Rental Research Services , providing the best one-two punch of rental screening and collections in the industry!
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What Makes Us The Best?
Don't let your bottom line suffer! Put us to the test!
  1. Streamlined Processing
    Negotium's easy import processing allows you to determine for yourself the easiest way to place your accounts for collections. We accept placements by mail, e-mail, and fax. You can also use our client portal to import the accounts yourself!
  2. Integration
    Negotium is fully integrated with Rental Research Services, the leading resident screening solution in the industry. You can rest assured that every residential account that is placed with Negotium will generate an alert when consumers are screened for a new housing by any of RRS' vast array of clients.
  3. Credit Reporting
    Negotium is committed to maximizing your recoveries. As such, Negotium reports all active accounts to all three national credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian) on a monthly basis.
  4. Customer Service
    Negotium is committed to providing the best customer experience in the industry. Not only will our professional team make our process as easy as possible for you, but our collectors also know that they are representatives of your brand, and we take that very seriously.
  5. Doing Things The Right Way
    With an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, Negotium has worked tirelessly to ensure it is compliant with every state and federal regulation for the collections industry. Our management team has decades of collections experience and know how to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of collection compliance.
  6. Technology
    Negotium has partnered with the most state of the art technologies available to the collections industry and puts it all to work for you. We believe that, in this growing age of technology, you either adapt or die. We will continuously be adapting to provide the best service and recovery solution in the industry.

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Our Team
Experience. Expertise. Innovation.

David Harris

Angie Goren

Angie started working for Rental Research in 2002 as a Paralegal. She has worked directly with all aspects of the resident screening process, including researching criminal databases and updating the Rental Research sex offender database. In 2015, Angie started her sales role for both Rental Research and Negotium. Angie's expertise in the rental housing industry combined with her outgoing and incredible personality will ensure your experience with Negotium is top notch. 
David has decades of experience in both sales and collections. Having been Vice President of Operations for his former agency for more than 20 years, David has an unmatched level of knowledge and experience within the collections industry. David is also active in the sales industry, having managed multiple successful marketing and sales projects for a leading sales company. With his combined experience and expertise in collections and sales, David is the ultimate resource for collection related issues.

Markets We Serve

While Negotium accepts accounts from every industry, we specialize in the following:

  1. Property Management
  2. Medical
  3. Cable Providers
  4. Internet Services
  5. Commercial
  6. Financial Services
Negotium serves clients in many states, but specifically targets the Minnesota and North Dakota markets.

Every state has its own parameters and laws dictating the collection of debts from residents within their state. Some states require licensing, bonding, and/or physical offices within their borders. Currently, Negotium is licensed to collect debts in both Minnesota and North Dakota, along with all "open states" which do not require any licensure for debt collection. 

You are welcome to place accounts for any and all states in the United States. If we receive an account in which the consumer resides in a "closed state," we will forward the account to a member of our vast network of agencies to ensure every account is able to be collected. We provide this service free of charge, relieving you of the burden of finding a licensed collection solution!

For more information on state licensing, click here

The Collection Process

Proven results at your fingertips
It's true: Collecting past due accounts can be a time consuming, headache-inducing chore. But not anymore! Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

At Negotium, we strive to make the collection process as easy as possible for you. We accept placements with no up-front cost. You can send placements by mail, e-mail, fax, and even upload them yourself through our easy-to-use client portal! Whether you are placing one account or a hundred, our vow is that we will stop at nothing to ensure you have the best experience possible! We will accommodate any request we can that would make your job easier!

When you place your accounts for collection, you can rest assured that they are receiving the attention they deserve. Every account, big or small, goes through the same proven process to ensure that we get every dollar we can for you. 
Our standard process for collecting accounts.

  1. 1st Demand Letter mailed within one business day of receipt
  2. Within two business days, we begin our call attempts
  3. After day 30, the account is eligible to be reported to all three national credit bureaus (Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian)
  4. Regular letters, calls, and monthly credit updates continue until the account is either paid or the law prevents us from collecting the debt
  5. In some cases, legal action will be a viable option. If an account is deemed to be eligible for legal action, Negotium will take this action on your behalf and keep you notified throughout the whole process

We guarantee that every effort will be made to recover your lost revenue.

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Alternative Services

Negotium provides extra services beyond its standard collection process. Can't seem to find a good phone number for that consumer? Not sure if your in-house recovery process is working the way it should? Negotium can help you save on that collection commission by maximizing your revenues before the accounts are sent to collections!

Negotium offers the following services to all of its clients:

  • Skip location - Many accounts go unpaid simply because you can't get in touch with the consumer. Why pay a collection commission if all you need is good contact information? Negotium offers a skip location service at a "per search" fee of $5.00. Negotium will utilize its resources to find the best contact information. If we can't find any new information, you don't pay a dime. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

  • Letter Review - Are you thinking the wording of your letters is harsh enough? Do you think they are maybe too harsh? Let Negotium help you determine the exact wording necessary for each of your letters! For a fee of $20.00 per letter, Negotium will review each of your letters and provide suggested changes that will maximize your recovery and save lost profits!

  • Comprehensive Process Audit and Consultation - Do you feel like you aren't recovering your recievables as well as you think you should? Are you sending a high percentage of accounts to collections? Let Negotium help! For a flat fee of $350, Negotium will lend its expertise in auditing your entire process and providing feedback to optimize your in-house recoveries. This can be done in a face-to-face meeting, online meeting, or whatever would be the easiest way for you!
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